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A Priority Model at Come Alive Health


With a Priority Model, I do a body scan with muscle testing and help you understand the priorities that show up in your body and the priority nutrition that is needed.  There are the body scan finding an immune or digestive or glandular priority that you did not realize was related to your main complaint...and there are confirmations of things you already knew.  It can be fairly playful, and very informative.


Whole food supplementation helps your acupuncture treatments help you.  This is key.


Some of the nutrition you need can be found in FOOD and I will help you discover ways to make that work.  OR if that just won't work, whole food supplements can fill the bill when it comes to giving the body what it needs to get its job done.


Do you get to eat robustly?  Do you know that you are nourishing all the important parts of you?  No?  Come and visit me to learn what muscle testing feels like and to learn how it can help you find great nutrition for your body, mind, and spirit. 


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