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Tess Richardson, Licensed Acupuncturist


This is a place where I can speak of healing.  A place where you and I can meet and begin to develop a common language about your health.

If you only have a few minutes today, you can check out my navigation bar and click on "What Ailments Benefit".  Check out the subpage on RECOVERY.  Or find Come Alive Health by clicking on "Contact". My address and hours are found there.  If you want to get to know me, read on here and then go to my blog.


I specialize in helping people feel better and in helping the human body repair itself. In part, I accomplish that with acupuncture and with other Asian-based therapies that don't use needles, along with whole food nutrition supplementation.  The treatment has components and your course of treatment has a plan.    I consider any therapy to be an adjunct, however, to the healing processes that your own body is managing every day.  I specialize in shining a light on this very human capacity so that you can be amazed with yourself even as you move through your pain and suffering.

These days at Come Alive I have a focus on RECOVERY, helping people get over the stagnation that came with COVID and distancing.  Most folks don’t know that acupuncture-based therapies can help relieve blurred vision, melancholy after exertion, depression, insomnia, nausea, concentration problems and much more.


After I received my masters in acupuncture at the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine here in Tucson, I decided to offer alternative health care and acupuncture in Oro Valley, Cases Adobes and the NW part of Tucson.  I have been helping people feel better for over fourteen years.  Sometimes helping is easy; other times there are "dense clouds" of illness that remind me of the weather here in Tucson, sometimes intense and often unpredictable.  Healing can take time.


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