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Symptoms that are manifesting as we recover from pandemic times:

                                             What does stagnation feel like for YOU? 












































Concentration problems

Brain fog

Melancholy after exertion


Frequent urination and urgency

Abdominal distension

Blurred vision




Fatigue or even extreme fatigue

Chest/rib tightness


Poor temperature regulation

Heat intolerance

Feeling cold all the time

Easy to catch cold

Even troubles with swallowing, smell or taste

Difficulty walking or balancing

Tingly or numb feelings in arms and legs

Joint pain

Weak feelings from time to time or all the time


In the face of ongoing stresses like paying the rent and caring for kids or grandkids who are at home again when school is closed due COVID, we need strong immunity, confidence in our routines, and the ability to RESET, REST, & REBOUND

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