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Gift Certificates and Specials

Gift Certificate

Many clients like to encourage their friends or family members by buying a gift certificate.  This is easy at Come Alive Health.  And you can purchase a certificate for a single or multiple treatments or for any chosen amount of money. 

Free Introduction Session

Most people like to get on with treatment, but some would like to come in and meet me and ask questions about acupuncture and the other approaches I use.  Rightly so.  I offer a free 30-minute introduction to acupuncture and my services. It is not really about diagnosing your pattern of symptoms for that takes more time.  It is about your sense of trusting me and the kinds of therapies that I offer.  Be sure and bring your list of questions.

20% Discount for Initial Treatment with Coupon

With this coupon in hand (the one on the right side of this page), .you can receive a 20% discount for the first treatment.  Just right click on the square, copy, and paste into a Word document. Print it out and bring it with you.


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