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It is definitely NOT all in your head.


Do you suffer from regular or intermittent head or face pain?  Do your friends and loved ones understand and empathize or do they think this off-and-on problem you describe is all in your head?  You KNOW it is hurting in your head, and you KNOW you are not making it up.  But wouldn't it be surprising if acupuncture techniques applied to other parts of your body relieve this pain?  Wouldn't it be wonderful for you if a course of treatment did more than just lift the pain, but also went after the cause?

I use a kinesthetic method to choose the type of acupuncture and other gentle non-invasive therapies that would best benefit you.  The goal is to transform pain and the way of being that sets you up for pain or illness. 

Often that means treating elsewhere in the body for a direct impact on your upper body pain.  As I said earlier, most folks don’t know that acupuncture-based therapies can help relieve headaches, neck and facial pain, TMJ and trigeminal neuralgia, mouth and tongue and even nasal and sinus issues.

If need be, treatment will also work to soothe the emotional anguish that surely comes with throbbing, aching, stabbing, pinching in the neck and head, distracting you from your daily goals and your life dreams.



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