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...More thoughts on ailments including stress and anxiety

Then there is STRESS and the way you handle it.  Consider headaches, digestion and respiratory symptoms.  They are greatly influenced by your automatic way of dealing with stress. Overdoing is one way.  Anger is another.  Anxiety is a third.  There are infinite ways that people deal with stress. Regarding digestion, I like to say that acupuncture can treat what I call the alphabetical ailments: SIBO, IBS, IBD, but it is often more effective to treat the way a person handles the stress which underlies these ailments.  Kids can benefit especially with this approach. 


EFT tapping technique is a wonder when it comes to soothing and regulating the autonomic nervous system.   What is  that, you might ask.  It is the automatic part of your nervous system that you cannot control but, if out of balance, surely controls you.  It regulates the digestive, respiratory, and cardio system.  So the tapping technique I use can access these systems and calm and balance their functions. It is also very helpful for pain, whether physical or emotional.  EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  Just try it for "road impatience" or "Monday morning dispair", if either of these two things bother you.  You will see these habits of thought melt away.  Best of all you can learn to do tapping for yourself. 


Can Acupuncture in Oro Valley and SW Tucson help with PAIN?...

Headaches can be benefited by acupuncture-based therapies.  Sometimes the frontal-type headache is strictly due to dietary and lifestyle issues.  The temporal or one-sided headache is often due to stress.

Headaches of all kinds

Emotional ailments and toxicity.

A vertex headache on the top of the head or headache behind the eyes is an expression of unexpressed anger or can be the body's message that there is toxicity building up.  Acupuncture-based therapies and supplements can help.
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