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What ailments benefit?

You would like to know if I can help you with your main complaints.  It is hard to wrap one's brain around the idea that to treat, say, acid reflux, I can stick tiny needles in your body.  It's even harder to understand that I might treat channels of energy and acupuncture points nowhere near the stomach and throat. AND it is hard to imagine getting treated for neck pain by having one needle placed near each thumb and having the pain disappear.  Can alternative health care be that easy?  Sometimes. 


So let's talk about the acupuncture needles.   Do they hurt?  Not really.  Sometimes a tiny bit.  Once in a while one is placed in a spot that complains and I fix that.  Acupuncture needles are so little and the tiniest ones can be chosen by me if you are skittish at first.  They are nothing like the hypodermic needles we ALL abhor from our childhood experience with vaccinations.  What is amazing is how you feel during the treatment.  There can be so much relaxation that one client declares he is floating off the treatment table.


What does holistic treatment or alternative health care really mean? How is it possible that it can help?  This is the best part of following an Asian medical approach.  Many signs and symptoms in your body even the coating on your tongue are considered as I work to understand why you have a particular ailment.  If the approach I choose produces a response, then we can be confident that consistent treatment will benefit the whole of you as well as your specific complaint.  Are you ready to be surprised?


Can Come Alive Health help with stress and anxiety? ...

Trigeminal neuralgia and glossopharyngeal neuralgia are often extremely painful and, worse yet, very unpredictable.  RELIEF from this sharp, pinching, localized type of pain is what you are after.  

Nerve conditions called neuralgias.

Chronic sinus issues are often due to allergies and acupuncture can not only help build the immune system, but can also relieve pain.  A well place needle in the wrist can often create a better discharge of mucous.  

Mouth, tongue, nasal and sinus issues

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