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Our Sense of Things

What's in the bag?

It is my rendition of a human cell. Within are cell organs. But what does the bag represent?

To begin to answer this question, I want to share this quote from Bruce Lipton's article The Wisdom of the Your Cells: "The new biology revealed that the brain of the cell is its skin, the mem-brane, the interface of the interior of the cell and the ever-changing world we live in. It is the functional element that controls life."

In short, we learn and control our destiny (and health) by how we “communicate”with our cell membranes and how they then take care of business at the micro level. In other words, the bag IS what is important when it comes to inner communication. And communication probably includes not only what nutrients we eat and ultimately present to the cell membrane, but also the messages about what we think of our bodies as we eat. The ancient Chinese intuited something about this. They encouraged the patient to eat with quiet reserve, to give the body its due with time for relaxation, and to continually remember the wholeness of the mind, body and spirit through gentle qi gong exercise.

I like to help people rethink how they can FEED their cell membranes with an environment that corresponds with their own desires. I sense that health is dependent on this capacity.

I invite you to come explore your sense of things and the possibility of revamping this for your health. Your cells are wise, Dr. Lipton suggests. Come, let's listen to them.

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