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Acupuncture is NOT Dangerous for Kids

This is a revision of an old blog posting that was on my old website. My goal here is to emphasize the real truth about acupuncture and kids: they often love it. They know they feel better. I would like you to know that old realities about needles and safety for kids have been transformed by wonderful tiny needles, sterile-packaged and tossed after use. Kids don't even have a fear of needles called "acutaps for kids", unless they have been told to be afraid or have been asked too often if they are afraid. Kids pick up their parents vibes. But kids also happily share their successes. Check out the pictures at the bottom of Robin Green's post that I refer to below.

I am so glad that my colleague, Robin Green, L.Ac., has written about acupuncture for kids and whether there is any danger treating kids. Be sure and read this article all the way down to the wonderful kid pictures and testimonials. (RETURN with YOUR BACK BUTTON)

When I read her article, I realized that hearsay is very powerful. So is a tendency in us to follow a historical context that no longer is relevant. Blogging is one wonderful new way that we can inform ourselves and upend erroneous beliefs that hang around too long.

Dr. Andrew Weil, in his blog, offers insight on this matter by bringing to our attention two studies on kid acupuncture. He says, "In the United States, acupuncture hasn't often been used to treat children, mainly because youngsters tend to be afraid of needles. But several recent studies have suggested that this fear can be overcome and that children can benefit from acupuncture treatment" Click here to read the rest of his article.

Please read the articles carefully all the way through so that you can understand the safety and benefit of acupuncture for your children.

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