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The Teeter-Totter PrincipleSM *...


Nowadays I help people feel better AND I help them balance their teeter-totters.  Wow, you say.  What does that mean?  You might even think it sounds silly.  For the moment, let me just say that the teeter-totter is a representation that I use to help people understand why they may not feel well and how they might feel better. This Teeter-Totter Principle SM comes from my husband's work teaching people better communication skills. Also, I was asked to treat a few kids lately and it occurred to me that all of us, children young and old, benefit from playedfulness.  So this website is dedicated to your enjoyment and to your sense of humor.  I will offer some fascinating tidbits and hope that you will come see me to learn more about feeling better.



 ~ Tess


*The Teeter-Totter Principle SM comes from the works of my husband, Hawkeye Richardson and his non-profit organization, Tell Me A Good Story. 

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