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There are a multitude of therapies included in the topic Alternative Health Care:  whole food supplements can help any of them work better.

Whole Food Supplements


How did I go about selecting a brand of whole food supplements to offer.  There are so many companies and such a wealth of information on supplements available today?  Have you noticed how confusing it is?


I chose a product line that I love.  I love chewing on the tablets designated as chewable.  They provide the taste and texture that tells my body I have taken in real food.  I chose a product line because I took those supplements for years and because of the beautiful description of the farm where the foods come from.  The supplements are whole-food based and this reminds me of my connection to the environment in a way that other supplements do not.


Besides that, the supplements I have chosen have a known track record, they are not highly expensive and they work well with a Priority Model. 


Learn more about a Priority Model....



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