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What about pain?


Acupuncture is a superlative alternative health care approach to relieve pain and, with consistent treatment, we see the pain go away in many cases. Acupuncture is NEVER a boot camp approach to pain.  It is NOT about that old adage: no pain, no gain.  I may use needles but the treatment goal is comfort, even delight.


 Acupuncture can help with relief and recovery from surgery as well as injury, trauma, and degeneration.  Some pain actually has an emotional component, generally where feelings are not being expressed. Acupuncture helps the mind, body, and spirit.


I use many techniques to help with pain.  Yes, needles surprisingly can help relieve pain.  Warming is a major technique even here in Arizona where cool air from air conditioning sets into muscles of the back and neck and shoulders... especially for those who tend to be cold. 


There is one thing you might like to know about healing. Sometimes people just want to be "patched up and sent back out on the field".  That may not be the best alternative health care approach. It is not an educated approach.  Acupuncture promotes the bodies healing process and eliminates stagnation of energy around an injury, swelling, or degeneratiion. The initial relief does not mean an injury is healed and an "I must just press on" kind of attitude and overuse does not elicit the transformations in the body that take place when cells and tissues heal. 


I invite you to to schedule an appointment so that we can assess your pain.  I can help you explore an appropriate approach to healing. 


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