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"There are things I don't like to eat"


I am not a "foodie".  What's that?  A person who seeks new food experiences as a hobby.  That is NOT me.  I have my favorites and my habits. 


But I definitely love the experience of color on my plate.  Do you?  My satisfaction is great and I feel fulfilled if I have at least 4 different colors on my plate for at least 2 of my 3 meals a day.  I love texture too and different flavors: especially bitter, sweet, and sour. The ancient Chinese understood long ago that color and flavor and texture are a part of diet.  What flavors do you like?


I don't always make time to meet these needs and provide myself with nutritious whole food of many colors and flavors in my daily meals? 


And then there are kids.  I have learned that so many ailments in kids are due to the digestive system.  That means helping kids change their diet to less inflammatory foods or to foods that have more nutrition content.  This is a challenge. Kids are mostly very clear on what they will and won't eat.  And parents have only so much time and money to put toward food forethought and preparation.


Given the need for high quality nutrition and the challenges of each person meeting his or her needs, I decided to offer whole food supplements as part of my practice. 


Can whole food supplements help alternative health care work?...


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