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...Thoughts on how we can recover from 2 years of pandemic

It has been a terribly difficult two years: new routines, couped up at home, sometimes isolated from everyone, not to mention feeling terribly sick if you caught the COVID virus.  And there has been loss of loved ones or the threat of losing loved ones.  Have you considered the toll these stresses have had on your body?  Or what about the toll on your resilience?  I have heard people say they are feeling frozen, immobile, yes, stuck.  In acupuncture language, we call that stagnation. What does stagnation feel like for you?

The ancients knew even then that stagnation, yes, STRESS, slows the body's healing processes.  And they knew that the way you handle symptoms affects your full RECOVERY.   CLICK HERE to see a list of the symptoms people have been experiencing that acupuncture is known to help.  A long list of symptoms makes us think of treating those symptoms alone.  Like an aspirin for a muscle spasm.  Holistic therapies pull the many symptoms you're experiencing into a whole picture that acts as a guide to direct the where, what and how of a treatment.  The parts of your body, including the physical, mental and emotional aspects, all work together. So must treatment if it is to bring relief and increase your well-being.  That is what acupuncture is especially good at.

Can Acupuncture in Oro Valley and NW Tucson help with RECOVERY?...

Tingly or numb feelings in the arms or lets can signal that there nerves are involved or that circulation is poor.  People who have had COVID also experience these as random feelings that come and go.  Not well understood in a western sense, acupuncture treatment can help resolve this type of symptom.

Tingly or numb feelings

Certain headaches as well as nausea and extreme fatigue can be due to stuck emotions like unexpressed anger.  It is easy to get angry when you aren't well and cannot get out and do things.   Or these symptoms can be the body's message that there is toxicity building up....perhaps from simple lack of exercise.  

Emotional ailments and toxicity.

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