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Evolution of Medicine

I am enjoying the Evolution of Medicine summit available for free at this time. See the link at the bottom of this post. The way that I have developed my practice of acupuncture and other Asian-based holistic therapies has been driven by my need to serve clients who have an increasing awareness of their health choices. People are looking for health coaching and a collaboration with a practitioner who listens and also can guide.

This is an amazing time. It could seem that the practitioner will now have to know so much more and so little time. As I see it, the truth is, however, that health caring is becoming more fun and more face-to-face. This is a good thing. Arrogance in human thought can penetrate any approach even a patient-based functional model. When fun drives the health care model and when we humans (practitioner and patient) sit and smile face-to-face as we explore the health choices for that moment, then arrogance is pushed away. Each person's sense of loyalty to his or her inner voice prevails. Joy and health care can be experienced as the same.

Here is my favorite example to date of this very human medicine: The right approach, face to face, using knowledge, using caring, having fun together.

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