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The Author of Your Own Health:

Buddha said "every human being is the author of his own health or disease."

So where does personal choice, constitutional rights, and vaccinations fit into this concept?

If we had a medical system that teaches individuals how to cultivate and develop

healthy habits and well-being, then it would be easier to agree with Buddha on this

one. Similarly, if we had a civilization that teaches individuals that consideration of

others and acting with others' needs in mind are fundamental guiding principles, Buddha's generalization would be a bright light.

However, pollution, other people's behaviors (egs. driving speeds), and choices other people make every moment that directly conflict with your own needs are just a few of the circumstances where you might doubt your own sovereignty over your health.

I feel that because we do not have these civilizing teachings, then, in order to take

charge in at least some ways for our own well-being, it helps to listen carefully to

to the indications and symptoms your body and mind and heart send out and to

find ways to support the healing that these organs are naturally in charge of.

Acupuncture helps me and those whom I teach to follow the signals of the body.


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